Sunday, June 26, 2011

Revival in the Church

Whew, I have a feeling this will be a long one... We have already had three services of our revival Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning, I will attempt a brief summery of each one. Or whatever popped out at me and I happen to remember... :)

The music leader is one Marcus Whitworth, he is amazing by the way! Our evangelist is one Rev. Larry Hunter, who is also amazing!

Friday evening I didn't take many notes but I will put what I remember. The text was Luke 15:1-32 paying special attention to verses 8-10.
The candle in this passage represents the Holy Spirit.
Faith ^ without works is dead, but your works alone cannot get you into Heaven.
The broom she uses represents works.
And here is a quote that really stuck out to me: "I might be a cracked vessel, but if I have the Holy Spirit, the Lord can shine through the cracks!"

Saturday evening Rev. Larry was going so fast all I got were a bunch of quotes... So this'll be eclectic.
Enthusiasm with Vision becomes FUN!!
Sometimes the "curses" of this life become blessings.
Sometimes the Church goes through a "Sifting of the Saints".
When you become usable God will use you.
God made us, so He is our manufacturer, right? Well, The Manufacturer has made a users manual for His creation! It's called the BIBLE!!
God allows us to be sifted.
Where do good people run when they are being sifted by the world and the devil? To GOD!!
When you're being sifted you don't have to jump the pews with joy, just HOLD STEADY! Stay in the middle of the straight and narrow!
In every problem you've ever had or ever will have, there are always five loaves and two fishes.
All we go through will be worth it all, but also for eternity.
There's nothing worse than missing out on Heaven. Because it will be for eternity.
And eternity is a long time... Let me try to tell you how long.
If you had a little sparrow take a grain of sand from here to the moon until you had all of the Earth on the moon, eternity will have just barely begun.
If you had a steel ball as big as the Earth and had a regular house fly walk around the middle of it until the ball was worn into two pieces, eternity would have just barely begun.

Sunday morning.
Bro. Marcus totally blew a Shofar this morning! How awesome is that?!?!
Three reasons the sin problem can be absolved:
1.The very nature of God.
2. The very nature of man.
3. The very nature of sin.
The real problem is man's resistance!
Ten excuses of man:
1. "I HAFTA sin!"
You don't have to sin anymore, Jesus paid the price, you are no longer bound by the chains of sin.
2. They rationalize the existence of Heaven and Hell.
He has gone to prepare a place for us in Heaven, He doesn't want us to go to Hell.
3. "I'm just too bad!", or "I've gone too far!"
God's grace is more than adequate to cleanse even the worst stain.
4. "I'ts just my nature/personality!"
God can change your personality and suppress your inherent sin nature.
5. "I'm not ready yet." I want to live my way for just a little longer.
The end is coming, Jesus will return soon.
6. "I can't live it, I just can't live it!"
God can control your sinful nature so you can live it!
7. "It costs too much to go with God"
It will be worth it all in the end, so sell out and go with God.
8. "I've got plenty of time."
God is calling out and you don't have much time.
9. "I think I'm alright."
Thinking is not enough, you need to know that you know that you know that you know!

And by the way, I am really loving the music this weekend!

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