Monday, August 1, 2011

My Brudder

So, I had this problem... My computer would not connect to the internet. And my one brother was busy with work and my other brothers were far away in another state. So there was no help for it.
Then, my internet guru brother came back and spent like an hour fixing it. He is awesomest. :D Thank you internet guru brother!!!
So now my internet works. ZONINO!!
And I felt like I should blog because I haven't in a while. *GASP* All of my siblings are going/have gone on vacation. Except LRT1 and Cavagan and Cherrynoble... Hmm, ok I lied. Only two of them. But one went to Alabama and the other one is going to Branson, Missouri.
Tat and I found a dog last night... It was a german shepherd. We called her owner, but he didn't answer so we left a message and brought her home. The dude called back today and asked if he could come get her. Of course we said yes so he came and picked her up. He was a nice dude. So, goodbye overnight dog. Her name was Lokie. She was a sweetheart.
Here is a video... Have fun with it.