Friday, March 15, 2013


Thoughts from someone who isn't going (and isn't interested in going) to banquet.

Firstly, there are a few things a woman should know.
1. How to tie a tie.
2. How to put on a boutonniere.
3. How to graciously accept a corsage.
4. How to hold their dress so it doesn't drag the ground.
5. How to gracefully get in a car with a dress on.

Secondly, some things men need to know.
1. Ask your date what color she is going to wear. (You really don't want to clash.)
3. Make concrete plans about when you meet and when you are going to leave.
5. Open doors. (Duh. Be a gentleman.)


A few things I find myself thankful for as I people watch from an upper window.
1. A mother and some sisters who taught me how to dress with class.
2. Brothers who are gentlemen at all times, not just when a situation calls for it.
3. A mother and sisters who showed me how to be a gentlewoman through their own interactions.
4. Someone (or more accurately someones) who taught me that I don't need someone to make me worthwhile.
5. The enjoyment that I can get from reading a good book.
6. A brother who is buying me a pizza, because pizza is yum. :)


And no, these are not referring to actual people. The interactions I saw this evening actually improved my confidence in the human race. These are just some things that occurred to me.