Sunday, September 18, 2011

All right...

I admit it. I lied. But I had actual real life responsibilities to do today, well, yesterday I guess. (The word "Responsibilities" has far too many "I"s... It's trying too hard.) Anyways, I'll probably get it up sometime on Monday. I'm working on it, but its LONG-ish.
I wish y'all goodnight, and good riddanc.... Yea, just "Goodnight". Forget the other one... :D

Friday, September 16, 2011


For all of y'all who wait with bated breath for me to post something here or on facebook. For those who wait for me to put up something profound or deep. For the two or three people who actually read my blog. I make you a promise. Sometime before Sunday is over, there will be a deep, thought-provoking, hopefully interesting post making an appearance here... Mostly because so far, this weekend has been the most challenging and thought-provoking I've ever experienced, and I want to share with the world wide interwebs. We've (My two brothers and I) been going to the Bill Gothard basic seminar. This man is an amazing speaker and I cannot even imagine myself as pure and un-self-centered as he is. It seems like He has the entire Bible memorized and can quote it at will. Anyways, I'll explain more later, 'cuz I've gotta get to bed so I can get up and be alert tomorrow. G'nite random interwebs! :D

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Donut Sticks

When you're this small (About three) and you go to sleep for your nap, and you wake up and can't find anyone in the house... You're first automatic thought is that your family has ceased existing.

I hate oatmeal creme pies.

I love donut sticks.


AM. PER. SAND. Favorite typographical symbol ever. Mainly for the name... AM. PER. SAND.

I have some funny's... I hafta show y'all... I apologize. :P

I really loved the Church service this morning.
It amazed me. I am all refreshed and my heart is singing.

I have started playing Howrse again... I played for a while but then I stopped... Go see this: or this: if you wanna see my old account. Anyways, I just wanted to show you some pictures of my stuff on there. So here:

They have updated the site a lot... It's very cool now, (not that it wasn't before, it's just cooler now.) they have new Companions for
your horses. This is the cat. He is very cute. :P

They also have the coolest coats now, too. This one is called "peacock" surprisingly enough.

I really love howrse.
*GASP* I love Dr. Who!!! Wanna see? Too bad! You're gonna!

I love coffee too!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I have Discovered that I really don't like callous people. Or underhanded people.

I also Discovered that most of my friends think I'm a rabbit. Hey! Maybe that's why I can jump so high... Oh, wait. I can't jump high. Never mind.

I told my mum today that it was okay because: "She's a big-wig too!".

My mom's coworkers are trying to get a cheerleading squad together.
Now I understand you're supposed to support your loved ones, but I had to tell her that I refused to join the squad. :P

OH! My mom got the coolest thing ever for her birthday. It's the first season of "Five Mile Creek" on DVD!! FUN FUN FUN!!!

I would put up pictures of my burn, but I don't know how to get them from my phone to my laptop. It's mostly better, just a little raw and tight. It's all pulled up and puckered. It'll be an awesome scar someday!

Anyways, G'nite!!