Sunday, September 4, 2011


AM. PER. SAND. Favorite typographical symbol ever. Mainly for the name... AM. PER. SAND.

I have some funny's... I hafta show y'all... I apologize. :P

I really loved the Church service this morning.
It amazed me. I am all refreshed and my heart is singing.

I have started playing Howrse again... I played for a while but then I stopped... Go see this: or this: if you wanna see my old account. Anyways, I just wanted to show you some pictures of my stuff on there. So here:

They have updated the site a lot... It's very cool now, (not that it wasn't before, it's just cooler now.) they have new Companions for
your horses. This is the cat. He is very cute. :P

They also have the coolest coats now, too. This one is called "peacock" surprisingly enough.

I really love howrse.
*GASP* I love Dr. Who!!! Wanna see? Too bad! You're gonna!

I love coffee too!!

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