Thursday, March 24, 2016


There are so many changes. We are so often unprepared for change and unwilling to accept it. I know I used to never want to accept change. I'm getting better about it though.

My life has gone through drastic changes pretty recently (ok, like two months ago but I'm bad at blogging) and I think I'm adjusting well. I've moved to a new state for the next three months, I quit my other job to do this one, I've purchased a car and am driving it pretty consistently. I've even come to enjoy driving.

But sometimes I look at the things I left behind when my world changed. And quite often I am unsure how to react. Do I miss the familiarity of the things I left or do I actually miss the things themselves. Is the reason I am slightly wary of the future just that I *don't* like to be pushed out of my comfort zone, or is it that I really am happy where I am, so change might make me unhappy?

The world is in flux and there are so few things that stay consistent. I'm glad I know one of the things that never changes. I'm glad I can hold His hand and know that He cares for me and my life that's full of changes.