Sunday, July 25, 2010

I think...

I think I do far too many of these, but, oh well, here ya are.

1. My ex.....I have one? News to me.

2. Maybe I should.....take a nap instead.

3. I love.....Jesus, my family, coffee, horses, milk, the outdoors, animals. (And not in that order.)

4. People would say that I'm.....A girl, tallish, long-haired and reclusive.

5. I don't understand.....people who don't like animals.

6. When I wake up in the morning.....I'm in bed. (Big surprise.)

7. I lost......most of my marbles a couple years back.

8. Life is full of.....Air and stuff. Life-ness...

9. My past is.....not that long ago.

10. I get annoyed when.....L1 won't accept my answer when he's the one that asked the question.

11. Parties are.....Well, I haven't been to that many, but as far as I know, they're pretty fun.

12. I wish.....I lived in the country and had a bunch of horses.

13. Dogs.....are probably my favorite animal next to horses.

14. Cats.....are another of my favorite animals.

15. Wednesday, and I have basically nothing to do, just chores.

16. I have low tolerance for.....animal cruelty.

17. If I had a million dollars.....I would spend the day buying a few very important things for my family.

18. I'm totally terrified.....that I will never, ever have a farm and horses.

19. My spouse.....if I have an "ex" (see #1), how do I have a spouse?

Friday, July 16, 2010


Do you remember a while back, when I said something about that crash, and that one thumb of mine? Well, I'm having some "complications". Since my thumb still hurts, its making me hold my wrist at an odd angle, which in turn is making my wrist swell and do odd things like that.
So my so-called "vacation" this weekend may or may not go well. It's not actually, technically a vacation, more of a visit with my Cousin, 'cause I got my chores done and because she really does love me, no matter what you say!!! :)
Hmm, I think I'm gonna complain again about my wrist... OWW!! My wrist hurts!!!
Well, l8er.