Friday, September 16, 2011


For all of y'all who wait with bated breath for me to post something here or on facebook. For those who wait for me to put up something profound or deep. For the two or three people who actually read my blog. I make you a promise. Sometime before Sunday is over, there will be a deep, thought-provoking, hopefully interesting post making an appearance here... Mostly because so far, this weekend has been the most challenging and thought-provoking I've ever experienced, and I want to share with the world wide interwebs. We've (My two brothers and I) been going to the Bill Gothard basic seminar. This man is an amazing speaker and I cannot even imagine myself as pure and un-self-centered as he is. It seems like He has the entire Bible memorized and can quote it at will. Anyways, I'll explain more later, 'cuz I've gotta get to bed so I can get up and be alert tomorrow. G'nite random interwebs! :D

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