Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boyfriends… and getting married.

Wednesday at Church I was talking to my bff Britt and I saw a fairy ring out in the yard, so I was like “Oh look, a fairy ring!” And Britt was all “Okay, you’re gonna hafta explain that to me ‘cuz I have no idea what you’re talkin’ about…” (Actually, she probably didn’t use that many contractions.) So I explained what a fairy ring was and she jumped in it and said “I wish I had a cute Christian boyfriend!” with a very odd scrunched up face. So I jumped in and said “Ooh, me too!”

Last class… very bittersweet…

I am in love with and want to marry the printer/fax machine at my mom’s work. It is AMAZING!! And, after we get married, we can adopt the label printer out of her desk drawer…


  1. Don't you already have one? :P lol

  2. LOL!! It was still a secret at the time... :P