Friday, April 30, 2010

Have you?

Have you ever seen this game? You take your own name and Google it along with has/wants/is etc. and then take the first five (No, you can't skip to something more interesting further down.) and blog them. Here goes.

Lenoh wants...

1. Boesman to talk to her. (No, actually I don't. I don't know that person. Promise.)
2. More. (Wow, I'm Greedy... or something.)
3. To make a donation. (I would like that. But I'm kinda broke.)
4. Ulla to flirt with Cem. (Who to do what with who?)
5. People to listen. (Well, that would be nice, but you don't have to.)

Lenoh has...

1. The unusual distinction of appearing to be the longest river in the world. (Yup, that's me, a long river.)
2. Smooth soles. (Umm... Okey-dokey. Why are you touching my feet anyway?)
3. More than 40 film and television credits to her name. (Man, I'm famous!!!)
4. Been nominated for "Canada's Constellation Awards". (What'd I do?)
5. Been creating silhouette portraits by paper cutting. (Wow. I must be talented.)

Lenoh needs...

1. A squashed penny. (From the zoo?)
2. A straight jacket. (How'd they know?)
3. A home. (Can't I just stay in this one?)
4. 350 mg of Sandimmune Neoral a day (200 mg + 150 mg). (I must be sick...)
5. A white or mostly white sundress, for my friend's wedding. (Who's getting married?)

Lenoh is...

1. A white table. (Umm, Okay.)
2. A professor of an History. (Chinese, I think it was.)
3. A white table. (Huh.)
4. A white table. (I think its a song... this is literally all that came up.)
5. Riveting. (Hm, thanks, I guess.)

Well, there you are. Now you know a bit more about me... maybe. I think I'm lying to you.

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