Thursday, August 30, 2012

Through it All

The picture is titled "Through the Dark" and I just painted it. The song is "Better than Life" by Acapella.

Through all things. Through the darkest times. In the times when life is confusing. When it's dark, scary and overwhelming. Through the valley of the shadow. In a dry and weary land. Through the forest of confusion. Open your eyes. See Him in His sanctuary. Hold His scarred hand. Follow His wounded feet. He will take you through... Through all things. No matter the dark. No matter the whispers that you won't make it. No matter the confusion. He knows all. He cares. He loves. And His love is better, stronger, brighter, bigger. Bigger than the forest. Stronger than the whispers. Brighter than the dark. The dark hides from His face. His Father is all-knowing, all-caring, all-seeing. He knows your pain and confusion and is a balm to your wounds, a light in the dark. Ask. Seek. Knock. He will deliver. His hand will hold you. Though you can't always see Him, Feel Him. Know Him. Trust Him. His Spirit is with you always. He petitions His Father for you. He intercedes. He prays. For you. For you. He will fill your cup. Bring it, kneel before Him, praising Him for His goodness, His love, His prayers... For who He is.
I will praise you in all things. 
Hold my hand.
Lead me through.
Hug me when I weep.
And teach me when I'm confused.
This is my prayer.

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