Thursday, July 21, 2011


I was suddenly and unexpectedly hit with a bout of INVIGORATION just now. (Read that word and imagine me waving my arms wildly. Just ask the dogs if you can't imagine that. They saw it several times.) I was just minding my own busyness reading Hyperbole and a half (If you haven't heard of that, go here: ) when all of the sudden I got up. It was odd. I then proceeded to "clean all the things!"
I started the laundry, the dishwasher, put away some stuff off the counter, straightened the living room, cleaned the front room, Played with the dogs who were feeling slightly dejected and ignored, wiped the cabinets in the kitchen, cleaned up the mess that is the result of babysitting and then decided I should blog.
So, I'm blogging.
OH!! I have an awesome brother who got a new motorcycle today! Woohoo for him. And me, 'cuz he gives me rides all the time. Twice in as many hours!!
I keep trying to put things that I think are funny, then I realize they aren't really, I'm just tired. So my blog post is not going to be amusing. Sorry.
OH!! I'm a genius. Just wanted to be sure you knew that. No, really what that was leading up to is that I fixed my broken internets all by myself. (Actually that's not quite true. Sis helped but I was going to do it anyway before she even said that. So I win.)
This post seems oddly boring. No pictures. No fun sayings. No quotes. No music. Just words. I apologize for not being entertaining. For those of you (No I'm not hinting at any one person.) who only read picture books, this post is obviously not for you.
My phone (It's not really a phone.) is nearly dead. Not as in "it's dying please help it!", but more along the lines of it's running out of power.
My lower back is seriously messed up.
One time when I was between the ages of 10 and 14 I was jumping on the trampoline and I decided it would be a good idea for me to jump off of the trampoline. From the very middle. I didn't quite make it. I landed on the metal bar with my tail bone. I discovered I couldn't breathe. I discovered that I couldn't move without considerable pain. I also discovered that probably wasn't such a good idea...
I laid on my belly on the couch for about three days in wretched pain and every time I moved my breath would catch. Then I was all better. (Probably not really, but I was young and reckless.)
Fast-forward several years. I was in a car crash. Very few injuries. A sore thumb, a sore neck, that was all. We decided to go to the chiropractor. (Aren't you proud of me? I spelled that word right the first time!) He decided to do some x-rays to see what he needed to fix. He told us that the third? vertebrae in my neck was knocked to the side and would need to be worked back into place. All well and good up to this point. He then proceeded to tell us that three of my lowest vertebrae were so crunched and fused together that it was one of the worst he had seen. And he couldn't do much to fix it because it wouldn't be covered with the insurance we had. So he did the best he could until I left. My back was slightly better for about two months.
I am now to the point where I can't relax my lower back without severe pain and absolutely no breathing at all. The point of this long, rambling, senseless couple of paragraphs is that my lower back is really messed up. And it hurts.
I've been babysitting! I babysat on Wednesday and on Thursday. I adore babysitting. Especially when the kids are some of the cutest and most well-behaved kids I know.
I really do love babysitting. But if one of the children I was babysitting said that word with that inflection one more time... I was going to seriously burst out laughing at the most inopportune time. "Whatever" is the number one cutest exclamation ever coming from a six year old.
Playing Dutch Blitz and someone lays a card where you were going to lay a card... "Whatever!"
Sister does something incredibly silly (And cute)... "Whatever!"
Brother sits on your foot on the hammock... "Whatever!"
And not like the roll your eyes "whatever", or even the kind of mean and nasty "whatever". Just the cutest and most innocent "Whatever!" you can think of.
Ouch. I just busted my lip.
It's like one in the morning... My invigoration is gone. My eyelids are incredibly attracted to one another. I think I'll go to bed.

(P.S. My back hurts.)

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