Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Me? Or not?

So, I know LazyPhil is usually the one who has alien encounters, but I believe I may have been... TAKEN!!!!!!!!

I have found a spot on my arm that looks and feels suspiciously like I've been injected with something. (Although I can't remember the last time I was at the drs and actually had an injection.) I don't recall any bright lights or missing time, and I haven't had any nosebleeds for a while, so, I'm not sure exactly what they were doing. (Notice I didn't say "So, I'm not sure I was abducted.)

Like I have said before, I can't remember ever having been injected, so I really have nothing to base my theory on. Except for the fact that most of my siblings have been hospitalized/been to the dentist recently enough that I can remember their whiny complaints about the itchy, burning swelling spot on their inner elbow.

And I really, really can't explain it. Ya' know, sometimes LazyPhil just says she doesn't know where her odd cuts, bruises and writing come from, just for the reaction. (The rest of us are usually witness to the causes.) I really don't know. I'm a little, tiny bit worried.

It looks like it may be a bee sting, but it's late, I haven't been outside lately and I'm not sure how a bee could've stung me without me noticing. And, a bee sting wouldn't make my whole arm ache.

So now I'm not sure I'm me... Or, maybe I'm not sure she's not me... Or maybe I'm not sure if her conscious isn't invading my conscious... Or maybe I'm not sure that the Aliens don't think she's "used up", and have decided to move on to newer and more interesting prey. Hence, the title.

P.S. I had a nosebleed later... now I know I'v been abducted.

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