Sunday, May 14, 2017

I’m not good with words, or with songs, or with paint and pencils. I can’t write you a poem that will move your heart and make you smile. I can’t shape a melody into something beautiful that you can remember forever. I will never be able to paint you a picture that would do what need to say justice.

But I can sit here and thank God that he gave you to me. You are everything I would have chosen if God had sat me down and asked “What should your mom be like?”

Strength. Physical, mental, emotional and most importantly, spiritual. I know that no matter what I need you are strong enough to stand with me, or for me if I’ve fallen already.

Wisdom. The ways you are wise are more than I know how to describe. You know when to plant and what, you know how to raise children, even those who are not your own. You pray, and teach, and read the Bible. You are frugal, you are diligent, you are careful.

Love. You love with your whole being. You bring people into your fold and make them feel cared for. You have loved me through the good and bad, and you taught me how to love in return. You love God with so much fervor that I am frequently awed by your devotion.

Fun. You laugh with so much honest joy. When you smile you warm the room… and my heart. You make jokes, you tease, you bring fun into a house that by any right could be gloomy. Even in the sad, or hard times, your love of fun has been a bright ray of hope.

Faith. Faith in people. Faith in God. Faith is the substance of things hoped for.

Hope. Even when the times were hard, you always gave me hope. Hope in God, hope for a future, hope for the little things. My optimism comes from you.

Involvement. In everything. Whether it’s internet games you can’t watch because you get motion sick, horses you can’t ride, or relationships that aren’t yours, you know what I am doing. You care enough to be involved; remembering the names of people you don’t know; asking about a game I love to play; learning the words for horse things you have no need to know; giving me advice for my hard relationships. I have never known a mother so involved in her children’s lives.

Even now, if by some miracle God were to take me and sit me down and ask “What should your mom be like?”
Even with all the failures, hard times, and pain that we’ve had together. I wouldn’t choose another mom. I’d go right back to the facts.

You are the mother I would have asked for if I could have. I love you.