Friday, July 29, 2016

Prompt Drabble #4

Prompt: Write about a character who is living in a planet that was conquered by aliens, and humanity now lives under their rule. The catch? One day, a strange person shows up in the human slums. Double catch? This person does not have any alien branding. No ships. No barcodes. Nothing.

      He kept to the side among the rush of people. Gear thought the humans might not notice, but They certainly would. There was one of the GB’s floating at the end of the alley. The tall gangly man knew he couldn’t hide from the Guard Bot so he turned back the way he had come. Squeezing between a few of the human workers he prayed the tight group would be enough to disguise the fact that he wasn’t tagged.
As he made his way backwards he saw a deep doorway and pushed through the crowd and into the shadow. Peeking around the corner he was completely surprised when the door opened and a strong arm pulled him backwards. Landing hard on his back he flailed until he could see that it was one of Them that had grabbed him. Nearly panicking, he scrambled back until he hit the wall. They couldn’t find out. They couldn’t know. But when he hit the wall, he finally noticed there were two other humans in the room.
One of them was obviously tagged, having chosen the facial tattoo. But the other… The other human had no visible tags. No microchip bump, no tattoo, no glowing barcode on his wrist. “Are… are you like me?” Gear asked.
“My name is Aron” the one with no tags said, “and this is Krian” he motioned to the tattooed one “and this is my friend Mio” he patted the alien. “and we grabbed you to help you break into the Capitol.”

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