Friday, June 3, 2016

Prompt Drabble #1

Prompt: "Describe a thunderstorm without using the sense of hearing"

Sitting on the floor next to the chair, I wait for the next one. I know it’s coming because it started fifteen minutes ago and they’re just getting worse. I’m watching the window because the light always comes first. Then the shaking. Who knew that when I moved to a new state I would encounter this kind of oddity? As far as I can tell no one is panicking about the trembling that accompanies the light and falling water. Being deaf is a hindrance when I’m trying to communicate what I’m afraid of. It seems as if people are either laughing at me like I’ve told a joke or they honestly don’t understand. I’ve given up at this point. It seems to have reached the worst a little while ago so I think it should pass soon. The light flashes again and I feel the rumble through the ground around me and in the air as well. But there, now it seems not as strong as last time. I hope it’s over soon. When I asked what this was, someone finger spelled “t-h-u-n-d-e-r-s-t-o-r-m” whatever that is, I pray it won’t affect my new life in this town.

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