Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Does the color or style of your sock preference change? Does it in any way relate to how you're feeling that day or is it just whatever matches or the first pair you grab?
I have been noticing my sock choices lately. I have seven? I think pairs of brightly colored socks, three of which are various shades of blue. Then I have several pairs of plain white socks. All of these are ankle socks in my size of course. I also have three pairs of large, old, guy socks. Here is what I have noticed about my own choice of socks.
If I am having an extra-ordinarily good day, I will always go for the brightest blue that's clean. 
If I am slightly out of sorts or displeased, I go with the pinks or reds.
When I am looking to match my socks to my outfit, I am almost always wearing green, so I go with the green pair.
I only wear the nice white ones if all the others are dirty, or if I am attempting to look more ... Professional? I guess. Less child-like.
The older white ones I wear to bed, when I wear any to bed.. Otherwise they just sit in my drawer.
When I am angry or super tired, I wear the purples and oranges.
I wonder if this is something that a psychologist would be able to decipher. My mind says it's coincidence, but then in my psychology class we're learning about preferences... So I begin to doubt how much of a coincidence it actually is.

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