Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Car Crash...

This past week we went to Ohio for my brother and sister's college graduation,
which, by the way, went fine. So, for those loyal followers (Hiya, C!!) who are wondering about the car wreck I twittered about, I think I should probably tell y'all that we're fine.
We were driving home on I-44 coming into Bristow, with S
driving the big car and T1 driving the small one. I was riding in the small car with T1. We were about a half mile behind the big car, when the front left tire got caught in the non-existent "rumble strip" (Just in case you couldn't tell, there wasn't a rumble strip. It was all worn away.) The first thing that told me something was wrong was when T1 reached over, put one hand on my shoulder and said, and I quote, "I'm sorry, L." Then when I looked up, the middle berm/k-rail cement thing was right THERE!!! We hit it with the left front bumper, bounced off it, swerved, and hit it again. Then We spun around in a circle before hitting it again and coming to rest against the cement thing, so we couldn't really open T1's door. The airbags deployed when we hit it the cement thing the second time, and I think that's when T1 had her hand on my shoulder and that's how she hurt her thumb and wrist. I was messing around with the lappy, and when the airbag deployed it shut on my thumb. So we both have very sore right thumbs.
Anyways, when we came to a stop the very first thing T1 did was ask if I was alright. I was sorta scared the car was gonna catch on fire, so I got out real fast and T1 was looking for her phone so she could call S and get him to come back to help us. We couldn't find her phone and when I got out the computer fell out, so while T1 was looking for the phone I picked up the computer, and then I was helping T1 look for the phone and we couldn't find it, then it started ringing and we found it in the passenger side floorboard. S was calling to see where we were. Like I said, I was worried the car was gonna catch fire, so I told T1 to get out on my side because her door wouldn't open. After that it was just the normal calling the police and ambulance, and all that stuff. The car may be fixable, but we don't know yet. We are both pretty sore all over, plus our thumbs. :)
Our ears are still ringing from when the airbags went off, but, like I said, we are fine. I was actually quite proud of both of us, because, through the entire thing, there was absolutely no yelling or screaming. The whole time we were conversing, each asking if the other was okay, and T1 was apologizing the whole time too.
After we got out and away, I looked back at the car, and the first thing I saw was the windshield wipers going, they went once, then kinda petered out. :) It was kind of funny.
Well, just wanted to let anyone who reads my blog know that we are fine. (By the way, our insurance will cover the cost of the crash.) I also wanted it documented so I don't forget it.
See ya later, alligator!


  1. Thx! I was wondering what happened! E text me that night and I was praying for you all! I'm glad you are okay!!! Sorry about your thumbs :-/

  2. Thanks for the prayers. MoTN says we're going to the chiropractor for our backs and necks, so he'll probably take care of our sore thumbs as well.